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Hazrat Sufi Muhammad Iqbal was born in 1926 in the city of Hoshyarpur , district Jalandhar , India. He attended government school until the 10th grade. While in 6th grade, he developed a keen interest in Deen and joined a madrasah on his own. His eagerness pleased his teacher who not only inspired him but also provided him with the appropriate books to continue his studies.

After completing the 10th grade, he refused to continue with regular schooling and instead went to Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, also known as Ali Mian, at Nadwatul Ulama. Unfortunately, he had to leave because of his constant illness. Maulana Ali Mian recommended him to attend Darul-Uloom Deoband and gave him a letter for Maulana Izaz Ali Sahib. His illness continued even at Deoband and so, once again, he had to leave.

He did Bai.ah with Shaykh al-Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakaria in 1945. In 1947, he settled in Pakistan because of his family. In 1963, he migrated to Madina Munawwara where, in 1970, he started a madrasah for young children named Madrasah Khalilia. He was very close to Shaykh al-Hadith who gave him khilafat in Jan 1968; he was so devoted to his sheikh that he would spend every Ramadan with him in Saharanpur . He maintained good relationships with many of the notable scholars including Maulana Yusuf Dehlavi (RA), Maulana Ali Mian (RA) and Maulana Manzoor Naumani (RA).

He was chosen by Shaykh al-Hadith to write many books which included Akabir Ka Salook-o-Ahsan, Akabir ka Taqwa, Muhabbat (Achievement of Love), Faiz-e-Sheikh and many more. Our beloved Sufi Muhammad Iqbal breathed his last breath on July 16, 2000 in Madina Munawwara and was buried in Jannat-ul-Baqii. May Allah SWT bless him with His Rahmat. Ameen.

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