021 - Al-Anbiya
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Surah Anbiya was revealed in Makkah and it contains 112 ayahs. The first part of this Surah is a warning to the heedless ones and seeks to awaken them from their ignorance by mentioning the terrors of the Day of Judgment. Then, as the name of the Surah indicates, the Surah narrates the names of 16 prophets and explains how the help and aid of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala comes to the people of iman, thus reinvigorating their iman. The end of the Surah narrates the story of Ibrahim alaihissalam in detail. In the end, readers are warned of the deception of Satan by way of the story of Adam alaihissalam and how Satan deceived him. Also, readers are called toward being steadfast in deen by praying salah.

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